Spotless and Flawless Set


CookieSkin Spotless and Flawless routine gets you clear, radiant glowing skin that’s smooth and acne-free. Formulated to be effective yet gentle, each CookieSkin is designed to allow your skin breathe, while detoxing impurities and nourishing with scientifically proven active ingredients at the safest yet most effective percentages for skin of color.

Skin issues: Normal-oily skin that occasionally or frequently has pimples/acne or hormonal acne. Visible darker spots around cheeks and/or chin, sides of face or forehead. Skin may also be congested with oily T-zone or enlarged pores.

Problem areas: Face

Results timeline:
1-2 months— Restoration process takes place as skin begins to look fresher with less acne/pimples occurring. Skin is healthier, and less oily.
2-3 months — Skin is clearer, with 80-100% reduction in acne/pimples occurrence. Skin is firmer and more radiant with face looking more supple with a healthy naturally brighter glow.

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