Exfoliating Oil and Pore Clearing Serum



Combination/oily/ageing skin Carefully formulated to suit even sensitive skin types, this blend of AHAs, BHA and Hyaluronic acid is an upgrade for your nighttime skincare routine.   Product Advantages Dermal Rejuvenating Serum Combination/oily/aging skin

  • Smoothens, and brightens skin for lasting results
  • Exfoliates and reveals clearer brighter skin
  • Rejuvenates and minimizes pores
  • Can be under make-up

How to Use 

Apply on cleansed skin. Begin by using 2-4 days a week at night, then gradually increase to using morning and night 5-7 days a week. Use this serum along with the Complexion Day Lotion SPF 30+ every morning even on days you do not wear the serum. Skin must be free of irritation.

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